Antares Refreshment Centers Cheap- Woodbridge, Virginia

Here’s a great deal for you to take advantage of- if you’re just starting out with your first route, or if you like smaller machines but don’t want to get into the bulk candy business. These are the Planet Antares Refreshment Center Snack & Soda combos. These are mechanical machines, which means that the snack and soda unit themselves don’t have a bill validator. Rather, they have a dollar bill changer attached to the side, and this is what the end user gets their correct change from- to put into your machine. That’s because the machine selections will only take exact change, as they have coin mechs for each selection.

Having a machine that is set up this way saves you money- because they don’t have the complicated electronics inside that the larger machines have. This year model even has one bottle lane.

Another good point of these machines is that they are smaller, making them welcome in more locations.

These are available for only $700 each, in Woodbridge, Virginia. See this deal and many others at .

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