Seaga Express Marketplace Combo Vending Machines- the Next Big Thing in Vending!

Available in Woodstown, New Jersey are 3 of these units at the unheard of price of $1,550 each! That’s a steal. If these aren’t nearby, we have other units very similar- click here to peruse our available listings. 

        The Seaga Express Marketplace is one of the newest and hottest combo snack / soda / entree vending machines to hit the vending machine market. It combines the classic snack & soda combo with the convenience of a food machine.

Experienced vendors know that the most profitable vending machine items are beverages. This machine lets you vend a variety of bottles and cans in different shapes and sizes- you can vend milk and Frappucinos right there with your Cokes & Juices.

The entree portion of the combo is set up to vend top-shelf items such as cup-of-soup, mac-n-cheese, Ramen noodles, chicken salad, Ravioli, etc. Not to mention, you can vend pastries, Pop-Tarts, powdered donuts, etc. Of course there’s the classic candy bars, granola bars, chips like Lay’s & Doritos, pretzels… really there’s not anything (except for cold food items) that you can’t vend out of these machines.

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