Starting Your Vending Business on A Shoestring? Pt. 1- Bulk Candy Machines

So you’re thinking about startting a vending business, but you’re wise enough to NOT get involved with one of those vending business opportunity dealies? Great thinking. The vending machine business is much more profitable when it’s a DIY kinda thing, not to mention much cheaper and less risky. After all, you really don’t know yet if the vending business is right for you- yet. The best way to avoid money waste and enthusiasm burnout is to start smaller and cheaper.

So first ask yourself: Bulk Vending or Snack / Soda Vending? For part 1, we’ll focus on that cheapest and oldest of vending machines- BULK CANDY.

For a small start up in bulk vending, what you need is about 10 bulk candy machines and acces to a Sam’s Club, Costco, or other “buy in bulk” retail store.
Get your machines used- bulk candy machines are available HERE  for ridiculously low prices- some of  which are new in box. Why? Because people get caught in a biz op, buy too many for too much and with useless bells & whistles, and then have to sell for a song. Don’t mess with warranties and other gimmicks. It’s just a little mechanical machine made of plastic and metal- not a high-tech cold food machine that takes credit cards! If something breaks on your bulk candy machine, just pirate the part off of another machine.

What’s out there? On the cheaper end is the Vendstar 3000, which has 2 selections, and  is very lightweight;  on the higher end you have things like U-Turn Terminators or Eliminators which are mostly metal and have 8 selections.

Avoid locators like the plague and ask your local businesses if you can put your machine in their location, ask what they’d like in the machine, and keep it clean and filled. If it’s not making enough money after awhile, just pick it up, stick it in your car, and move it elsewhere. One good way to get your foot in the door with businesses is to have a sharp vending business card. No, don’t print it off your computer- go to and order 250 of their great-looking vending business cards. Be sure not to look like a scallywag when you go into businesses, even if it’s a nightclub.

Where do you get product? Don’t buy your candy off the internet until you’ve got a larger operation, and a registered business with a tax I.D. number- you’ll have to buy too much, plus pay shipping. Just go to the aforementioned stores and buy the most popular bulk candy – M&M’s, Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, etc. Only buy enough to fill about 1/2 the machines almost all the way up- you don’t want to be left with a ton of quickly expiring product.

And that’s about it. The best thign about bulk cnady machines is their simplicity, both in running the business, and the machines themselves. Lots of parents buy bulk candy machines for their kids as a way to promote budgeting skills and responsibility.  Don’t overcomplicate things and you’ll have a great time and maybe make some money.

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