Vending Business on A Shoestring- Pt. 2

The other best  ”start up”  vending machine type is the classic electrical soda vending machine. That’s the Coke or Pepsi machine you see sitting outside your grocery store or ballpark. It requires electricity, accepts dollar bills, gives back change, and has buttons instead of coin mechs. They are generally quite sturdy and last a long time. You can see some drink machines that are over 20 years old still cooling like the day they rolled off the factory floor.

Why sodas and not snacks? Lots of reasons. The first is simply that beverages sell more than snacks in general. People get thirsty more than hungry, and as long as you have a water, a Gatorade-type drink, diet and regular soda, and something fruity in there, they will buy. Secondly, you can put most drink vending machines in outdoor locations, because they are rated for outdoor use, and refrigerates sodas are not harmed by heat. Snack machines (except for the super-expensive ones) as a rule are not rated for outdoor use, and many snacks will melt, expire, etc.

Finally, soda machines can be purchased on many budget-friendly levels. You can buy a new machine (if your credit is good, you may even qualify to make payments.) that has a full warranty; you could also buy professionally refurbished machines with a 1 year parts warranty; or you could buy a used soda vending machine for next to nothing- it won’t have a warranty, but the vast majority of soda machine manufacturers are still in business so you can readily get parts. These days, vending machines are built very user-friendly- you should be able to install most parts yourself.

One more thing: Soda machines are one of those things you can order AFTER you’ve secured a location. This decreases the liklihood that you will  get stuck with a machine you have no location for.

Once again, soda vending machines can be quite a lucrative start up-  just make sure you get your product from a retails store where you can buy in bulk, such as Sam’s club or Costco, keep your products as cheap as you can and still make a profit, and have a good variety available.

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