Seaga SS 3200 Tabletop Energy Drink Machines – Ranco Santa Margarita, CA

This is one of those “niche” machines that is really worth having if  you can get to the right location! It’s an electronic tabletop Red Bull machine. It vends 5 selections of the ultra-popular Red Bull drinks. (I think Red Bull is nasty as all-get-out and tastes like cough medicine, but those who like the stuff are really wild about it. ) The neat thing about them, though, is that they can also vend sodas, you’re not stuck with Red Bull. Each selection can hold 34 cans. (If you’re looking for something full size, used, visit HERE.

These Seaga SS 3200 are also very compact – they actually can sit on a counter top, instead of taking up a lot of space like a full size soda vending machine does. That also means that you can easily pull a machine that’s not profiting enough, and transport it to some other location.

Where’s a good place for these machines? Think college students cramming for exams, young working people trying to meet a deadline, and health nuts needing a a boost when they hit “the wall”. So- college campuses and dorms, high-traffic office buildings, and gyms are good places for the machines. They are bright and modern looking, catching people’s attention and saying “buy me”!

Normally these energy drink vending machines sell for thousands of dollars each- but here are 3 for sale in Rancho Santa Margarita, for only $1,725 for ALL. That’s just crazy. It’s a really good opportunity for those who think they can get into the right location with them. 


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