Vending Company T-Shirts – New, Trendy, Cool Way to Promote Business

Okay so here’s an idea you’ve probably never considered before- vending machine company T-shirts. Not cheesy ones, but ones that are actually something you or your teenager would wear in public.

Available HERE are 12 or so very cool vending machine tee shirt designs. They are available in a wide range of sizes, not to mention types. You can get these designs in  women’s, men’s, and kid’s sizes, PLUS  you can order them as ringer shirts, sweatshirts, etc. and several different color backgrounds.

The designs are rendered in full color by a professional graphics artist- not somebody’s kid  brother in MS Paint. Some of them are somewhat bizarre, but still cool. Such as this gumball machine t-shirt: It has a weird little gumball machine with its  tongue hanging out:

Pretty odd, eh? But it’s an eye catcher. You can get them plain like this but you can also add your company logo to the front or back.  

Get this an LOTS of other designs here:

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