Safety for You & Your Vending Machines

No, the vending machine business isn’t exactly hazardous. But in these times, a little extra vigilance is due anytime you step outside your front door to go about any business endeavor that involves the physical handling of cash. It doesn’t hurt to have some common sense too when it comes to the more physical aspects of the job- especially if you’re elderly or disabled in any way.

To begin with, lets talk about the safe handling of cash. Since the vending business causes you as an operator to travel on a route, your natural inclination will be to set up a routine and consistently follow it. This can be a safety error. Being seen at the same time, in the same place, handling cash, is a great way to help a potential mugger take away your hard earned dough and possibly get you hurt in the process.  Along this same line, you should make frequent bank deposits, but you should do so during banking hours, in daylight. Rolling up to the bank at 8pm every Tuesday- not a good idea.

Be sure to make frequent deposits, in order to avoid carrying large amounts of cash around. It goes without saying (I hope), don’t carry your bank deposit bag around like a wallet, whipping out a $20 bill in the line at McDonalds. (I’ve seen people do this, even in Wal-Mart.) Don’t count your money there at the vending location. Get your money out of the machines and go somewhere secure to count it. If you have it set up where your location is paid a commission, then have it set up where you and the manager can count it up privately.

Do not shove your profits into your pockets, and if you’re going to carry a cash bag, keep it inside something that does not advertise that you’re carrying cash. Also, take care that you don’t go around jingling coins.

Always be sure to tell someone where you’re going, carry a cell phone, and it may not hurt to carry a pepper spray device, a whistle, or a personal alarm of some sort. Above all, be aware of your surroundings, and if someone attempts to rob you, for goodness sake’s hand them the money so they’ll go away.

     As for your machines, one thing you can do is to be sure your contact info is on the machines, so the vending location can call you if they spot someone loitering around the machines. Vending machine alarms are available at a reasonable price. They sound off if someone tips your machine beyond a certain point. There are stickers available to put on your machines that let the public know that the machines has an alarm.

Finally, as you may know, four times more people a year are killed by vending machines than by sharks. That’s due to being crushed by machines falling over on them while trying to rock the machines- do if you’re going to move the machine, be sure to use the proper equipment.

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