Meet Us

Hey there! If you don’t know already, this vending machine business can be crazy :-)

Yet, that is often the fun part; so, were going to share some of that with you here.

Whenever we talk to you, we always wonder if your voice “goes with” your appearance…
You know, is the guy with the squeeky voice, also the skinny fellow with dark curly hair & horned-rim glasses like we imagine, or did we yet again call a customer “sir” only to get the response “I’m a M’AMM, not a SIR!”

Yep, you know, you’ve done it too!

So before you upset a pregnant woman here at the office, below is a list of our dedicated crew so you will know who you’re talking to…

April Hurd – vending equipment sales

Melissa Powers – vending equipment sales

Kara Fowler – location broker agent (pic coming soon)

Jerry Beck – coffee equipment sales

Cheryl Newcomb – concession equipment sales (pic coming soon)

Alexia Whitman – ads department

Jessica Thompson – manages the boss (pic coming soon)

Eric Normand – as of today, still the boss :-)