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How aliens remove sperm

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WHEN David Huggins pictured having sex for the first time, like many teens he'd envisioned it would be an awkward encounter with a school pal in the backseat of a clapped-out Ford car. While alien abduction might sound unbelievable to most of us, up to six per cent of the population believe they have been abducted by alien, and recently experts have been exploring the new theory aliens do exist - but we're just 'too stupid' to handle it. According to The Times , scientists are considering the possibility aliens are keeping their existence quiet - because we're too primitive compared to them. Here, The Sun Online meets three people who bizarrely claim they have the proof that aliens do exist. David Huggins, 75, was living on his parents' farm in Georgia, America, when he says he was seduced by a big-breasted alien woman as he was walking through the woods. Since then, David claims he's had many sexual encounters with extraterrestrials and believes he has fathered hundreds of alien babies.

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